D-Series explained

Most groomers are familiar with A5 blades.  They are named after the Oster A5 clipper invented in about 1924. The A5 blade has changed very little since then and has MANY PROBLEMS.  The most annoying of these problems is they get hot because of the spring tension.  The second most annoying problem is they use a drive mechanism that wears out and needs replaced. 

Enter the the D-Series...  The drive mechanism is on each blade.  They are extremely quiet,  sharp, and run cool forever. On the 320 clipper they run at 4,600 strokes per minute.  They cut very smooth and fast.  They stay sharp longer. 

You wouldn't commute back and forth to work in a model T would you?  The model T was popular in 1924.  Become part of the clipper revolution! 

Any D-series blade that you purchase from this website, comes with a 6 month sharpness Guarantee.  If the blade gets dull,  send it in and we'll sharpen it for free.  A first in the industry!